Harness The Power Of Food Halls

What is a food hall?   We like to refer to it as a collection of innovative food & drink entrepreneurs coming together to create a single, vibrant venue that is constantly evolving and changing the way consumers experience dining out.


The rising popularity of Food Halls across the country is well noted, and well deserved.   This concept is not a trend, or a fad;  it is an entirely different business model.

Why are Food Halls so desirable?  The answer is simple.   They deliver simultaneous benefit to the business owner and the customer.

Business owners (or vendors), have the ability to launch a new business, expand into a new market, or try a new concept without taking on extreme financial risk.  Customers now have dozens of high quality and exciting food & beverage choices under one roof.    

Real estate developers and owners are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growth in the Food Hall movement.  Food halls provide an immediate driver of foot traffic, brand awareness, and help command premium rents (both commercial & residential) to adjacent properties.  

Launching a successful food hall requires specific skill sets.  We realize that no two food halls are alike, and that the business models behind them can be completely customized. Our team can provide developers with the tools and resources to create and manage a food hall unique to their project, and enhance both the marketability and profitability of a real estate development project.

White Star Properties offers a range of services to assist developers with the creation and continued operation of a food hall:

-  Consulting:  Name & Logo Design

-  Marketing & Social Media

-  Vendor selection

-  Layout & design

-  Hiring & training of management team

-  Ongoing back office bookkeeping & data analytics

-  And more.....


White Star Properties has developed its own proprietary vendor rent structure, which allows food hall vendors the ability to jump right in to launching their food concept with minimal capital outlay.  Along the way, food hall owners get 24/7 access into financials and analytics.   As a developer, this rent structure means improved cash flow, and a dynamic, ever-evolving asset that will continue to drive traffic and value to your property.

Opening a food hall means coordinating dozens of suppliers, entrepreneurs and city authorities.   White Star Properties will serve as the quarterback during this process, helping to improve the workflow as the project nears completion.  

Our value proposition:

White Star Properties is majority owned by Clark & Whitney Gaines. Mr. Gaines is currently a Managing Partner for a multifamily investment office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He is also the owner of White Star Market, a food hall in Baton Rouge. He & his wife are also investors in other food & beverage concepts.

Prior to that, Mr. Gaines owned restaurants, a media company and real estate.  His wife, Whitney Gaines oversees day-to-day operations for White Star Market Her prior experiences were in Human Resources and Retail Management for Target Corporation, among others.

Our team draws on its unique and relevant experiences to create a successful project, because we know intimately how restaurants operate, we know how to effectively market and brand a project, and we know a food hall is an investment and therefore must generate an acceptable ROI.

If you are a real estate developer, owner, or commercial agent and would like to talk, please drop us a line at:


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