Chef Jesse Romero, a contestant on Gordon Ramsay's hit show "Master Chef" will be serving up some classic Louisiana dishes, paying homage to his familial Acadiana roots with his concept "Robear Ln."  The menu will focus on deboned chicken and pork tenderloins stuffed with boudin, sausage, cornbread or seafood.  In addition, Romero will offer up a rotating selection of soups and salads, and a smattering of pickled vegetables in mason jars.

Side dishes will include Louisiana favorites, like braised greens, corn macque choux and cajun beans.

Romero also plans to sell a selection of his famous "snacks" which include beef jerky, cracklins, tuffle & parm popcorn and boiled peanuts.

White Star Market -  4624 Government Street  Baton Rouge, LA 70806  -